~ Being Life ~


At one point in life you feel like talking less and just Being. Because it feels like whatever is being spoken isn’t true anymore. You say things you don’t mean. You make promises that you can’t keep. Same with the others. The illusion of doership and control shatters one day. What’s actually in our hands? What’s destined comes. It also goes. There is actually no need to ask for anything.

It is this deep acceptance of what life has to offer that reveals the Silence within us to us. Of course talk continues but it is without an agenda, without the false sense of influencing events. Free of personal baggage and rooted in peace, talk becomes spontaneous and cheerful like the sweet chirping of a bird.

Thankfully the world isn’t dependent on our words. Else there would be absolute chaos. See how the world carries on very well despite miscommunication and misunderstanding? Things happen of their own accord with no actual need of words or instructions.

Sometimes, it makes you wonder what else is there but to remain Silent? Nothing spoken is ever really true anyways.

With life’s events constantly changing, the illusion of control can only unravel. But our mind jumps in to do damage control, trying to understand the situation and salvage it. It concocts imagined stories to justify events and perpetuate the illusion, while expecting unrealistic results, and hence, causing unnecessary suffering. In reality, we have absolutely no control. Why then continue to suffer?

Stay as the neutral witness to life, let the illusion unravel and see that the world is not what our mind makes it to be. There is only Love, peace and immense joy. The rest is only an unreal veil of conditioning covering the real thing up.


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