~ Divine destiny ~


An unbound river, I flowed into your town
We played for a while and soon I had to leave
Then you said, ‘You belong to me’
But you weren’t my destiny
I was heading to the sea

A flower, I adorned your garden
And you took pride in my beauty
But at the Lord’s feet I was meant to be
And letting go became painful
I was never really yours… why didn’t you see?

A cloud in the sky, bursting with love
I rained down to share, my Heart lay bare
You wanted to come with me
But you fell off midway
Don’t you see? You were just part of my journey

An actor, I played my part
And you believed it to be true
Even when the curtains came down
And demanded why I had forgotten you
What can I say?… Are you ready for what’s true?


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