~ One winter morning ~


The wintry sun shines
Over my dream-glazed eyes —
A weak wake up call
On a nippy dawn

I shut the curtains close,
Lest the light drowns my sleep
Ah! A crisp breeze;
Tickled, I sneeze

Ice-cold feet
Slip out under the covers.
I snuggle in deeper
But here come the shivers

The world around, hums with activity
As willfully I continue sleeping,
Not for long, for I’m woken up
By the blasted alarm beeping!

Time to rise —
A pregnant day knocks,
I plod down the stairs
In my mismatched socks

Just what I need —
A hot mug of tea!
Warming up my skin
Just as the sun’s streaming in

A wave of unannounced joy
Courses through me
A goofy grin follows,
I’m wishing noone will see

A sigh of deep content
Escapes my lips,
As I stare into space
Savouring the scalding sips


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