~ Peace ~


Every event in life is driving us to an inner quietude and deep contemplation – until we finally arrive at the ultimate truth. The utter chaos, the fleeting happiness, the confusions, the heartbreaks, the harsh lessons, the rat race, the unending drama, nature’s wrath, wars – all things seemingly ugly and unfair, and beyond our control seem to be shocking us into silent acceptance and witnessing.

This deep acceptance of what is reveals a vast space in us, unbound by time and distance, the experience of which we call Peace. This Peace knows no boundaries, no separation, no ego-mind identity. There is no “me” and “you” here. There are no enemies, no fight for survival. Just being, letting things be and going with the flow.

It is from this beautiful place of Peace that the sense of oneness, love and joy arise. It is this Peace that heals. This Peace is where we meet. It is where we come from and where we are headed. This Peace is where the holy spirit of God resides and this very Peace is in you and me.


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