~ Finding lasting peace in tough decisions taken ~


~ Notes to a Spiritual Seeker: #1 Acceptance ~

The act of…
Finding this moment not lacking in any object, person, or feeling
Finding peace in uncomfortable situations
Finding peace in whatever greets you in the moment
Finding peace in non-doership
Finding lasting peace in tough decisions taken
Keeping quiet even when the mind rattles you with fear
Being okay with no future, letting go of dreams and desires
Letting emotions rise and subside
Not rushing off to find the next high
Not worrying about how well we are leading life
Being okay with the Silence of meditative non-activity
Not rushing to be somewhere, do something, be someone
Not craving for noise and excitement
Not lusting after material perfection
Finding that okay is good enough
Not trying to impress anybody, not faking confidence
Finding strength in your inner Divinity

Never seek acceptance from family and friends, they will always misinterpret and doubt your intentions. Seek your own acceptance first. Are you okay with how things are? Are you able to avoid suffering from the harsh reality that Grace blesses you with to cleanse you of the ego… from false notions, false attachments and the grand delusions you have about life?


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