~ Unconditional Love ~

~ Amma ❤ ~

What happens when you don’t contain Love in a box of ideas, prejudices, concepts, persons, beliefs, expectations and conditions?

Knowing no difference, it blows like the wind, touching all that comes in contact with it, carrying its beautiful fragrance to those around.

Knowing no difference, it beams like light in all directions, showing the true way of Love to others.

Knowing no difference, it flows like a river, in any direction life takes it, cleansing whatever it touches until it empties in its source.

Knowing no difference, on its own accord, it blooms like a flower, sharing the same beauty and joy with each.

Knowing no difference, it burns like fire, consuming the false until only the real remains.

Knowing no difference, it nurtures like Mother Earth, regardless of the exploitation in return.

Knowing no difference, it watches over us like the sky, blessing us with its Eternal Presence.

This Love is Grace. This Love is You.


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