~ The Pilgrimage back home ~

Many magical places
To belong, I sought
Today, it has all stopped
Today, it is all naught

This way first, then that
The mind said “go!”
“Divinity awaits you there”
Life had a blessed flow

Finally, I met the Divine Mother
And the running stopped
“What should I do now?”
Her counsel, I sought

She sent me back home
No more pilgrimages for me
I had to resolve my karmic debts
“Challenges galore, you can’t flee!”

Ego was seeking excitement
The next adrenaline high
But it was time to abide in Stillness
Meditating, I bid passion goodbye

Now back home for good,
I want to journey no more
Neither the holy mountains
Nor the holy shore

Destiny pulled me back
To the place I needed to be
I was adamant in leaving
This final destination I couldn’t see!



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