~ The fight in me has left ~

Youth is for mischief and gay abandon,
Middle-age for collecting oneself and building strength,
Oldage, you manage to sustain
In deep contemplation, life is truly well spent
I once chose anger over patience
I once chose stubbornness over practical mindedness
I once chose emotions over sensibility
I once chose running away over bearing hardships
I once chose ‘No’ over ‘Yes’
I once had had enough
I was young and free-spirited
I wouldn’t be caged
Today, life seems different
There is no cause to fight for anymore
Quite plain, at peace, at rest
A patient understanding has come to the fore
The anger has lifted
So has the need to prove
Emotions have run dry
Being practical is the new rule
You do what you can
And leave the rest to God
But the rat race you call life
I will never give it my nod
The eventful journey of life
Begins and ends in one’s mind
Look and experience all you want
Moksha is ultimately what you will find

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