~ On Pain and Addictions ~

“I receive many questions on the theme of addictions, whether be it to drugs, pornography, computer games, or even to coffee or chocolate. Being dependent on what I call numbing devices to feel better serves to stop the person from feeling the pain and discomfort caused by shocks, generally experienced during childhood, that weren’t properly understood and integrated in the system.
What happens in these cases of addiction is that the vehicle, the body, is being driven by unconscious impulses. Presence is the light that dissolves darkness, but since the person is absent, their vehicle ends up being driven by these impulses that are, ultimately, thoughts. And what are these thoughts? At some point, you became identified with an idea of “I”, or self; with an identity sustained by a belief system, which is made out of impressions coming from the outside.
You started to believe that you are this identity, this name, this character who was hurt in life, and who in turn learned how to numb the pain through different addictions – a self who learned how to numb itself with thoughts. What happens is that when these thoughts pass through you, they activate your desire for a numbing device. You then move your energy to feed this idea of a self that was hurt in life. In other words, a vicious circle is created: the false self (that I call the lower self) is born from pain and needs to generate pain in order to continue living.”
~ Prem Baba

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