~ My life in FAQs ~

My life in FAQs
Q: If you are spiritual, why do you like food?
Me: Spirituality does not mean giving up food. I am not an ochre-clothed swami you see in the movies fasting.

Q. If you are spiritual, why do you meet friends and go out?
Me: Spirituality does not mean giving up friends or activities you enjoy. It means giving up attachment to any object or relationship that is an obstacle for moksha. Some things can be enjoyed in moderation with a sense of detachment to the outcome.

Q: If you are spiritual, why are you on FB and other social media? Liking party pictures of your friends?
Me: Because I don’t like living under a rock for long and like to keep myself updated on the happenings and part-take of the current culture. My liking party pics means saying ‘Hi! I see you and love you’. I don’t like being totally disconnected all the time. If you remember, I used to be a mediaperson addicted to the Internet. Old habits.

Q: If you are spiritual, why don’t you live in an ashram?
Me: Not everyone is cut out for an ashram life. Only those who are meant to — go. Others who go leave it. It is a tough life. I am doing my sadhana at home. Yes, I don’t work because I have health issues (I really don’t care if you don’t believe me) but my sadhana is my job. My parents give me alms in the form of food and shelter.

Q. If you are spiritual, why do you get upset with others?
Me: Wrongdoing should not be tolerated. Anger must be fair and spiritually justified not out of ego or vengeance.

Q. If you are spiritual, why do you get sad or worry about future?
Me: It is partly genetics (samskaras) and partly my immediate living condition. Spirituality is a journey, it is not a pill that will cure all troubles. We live a long life and there are many obstacles and challenges to face. Events make one sad, happy or worried. We face it and try to find solutions. All part of the journey.

Q. If you are spiritual, why don’t you take others’ wrongdoing positively?
Me: Long-term abuse should not be tolerated. It is an emotional wound. It needs love and healing, not your judgement. I am hurt. Afterall, I am human. Why don’t you listen with a compassionate heart?

Q. If you are spiritual, why do you ask for help?
Me: Spirituality means you give up the ego and seek help when needed. It does not mean having a sense of superiority or having the false notion that we have it all figured out. Nobody has everything figured out.

Q: What is the difference between us.
Me: Simply put, I am consciously seeking moksha, doing my sadhana (spiritual practice) and you are not. Personally speaking, nothing excites me anymore, I have no materialistic/personal goals to fullfill — I am seeking freedom from the birth-death cycle. However, everybody’s life journey is different. I can’t comment on anybody’s. It may change any moment.

Also, please don’t expect me to impress you. Thank you for reading!

PS: If you don’t want to believe, why do you ask?

*My Life! Sigh!*


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